Social Media Disclaimer

This official account of the trademark Bufferin in the social media Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn has as objective to create a direct channel of communication with our users by means of comments, suggestions and feed backs about our content.

Videos and any other artistic work communicated through this official account has as objective of publish information of interest for our customers, in order to gather information that helps them make good decisions about their consumer habits.

The information provided by this official account is justified by the information access right in order to achieve progressively the efficiency of the rights that are originated from social standards about education, science and culture; strengthen the culture information of the consumers.

Content published is strictly informative and refers to current topical events, published in press and in electronic media (radio and/or television) or any other of communication media.

As producers, we have picked up some fragments of several artistic works, including image/portraits only as contextual reference of the public interest that we spread. The content has been published justified by the freedom speech right, always making previous scientific, literally and artistic investigation about our information sources.

We request to our users not to make offensive, excessive, fraudulent and defamatory publications or any other comments or publications that represents infringements in intellectual property rights.

Anyone that publish material within the categories outlined above will not be able to participate in the account.